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Full planning

Your Experience with Us!


Our services are aimed at those couples who long for their big day to come true, for their story to remain forever as a memorable memory for them and their guests.


They will have a unique experience planning their dream wedding with us.  We accompany the bride and groom at all times, being the main support so that the result is as expected.  

Our goal is that couples can enjoy their dream wedding to the fullest, without stress and with nothing to worry about.



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They no longer have to worry, they will be the special guests at their own event. Leave the complete planning of your wedding in our hands so you can relax and enjoy your dream day.


We will be your guides and advisors throughout the planning process of your wedding, from the selection of color palettes, selection of suppliers, management of logistics and budget.


You will live a unique and memorable experience, we will take you by the hand and we will make your story remain forever as a very special memory for you and your guests.

Diseño y Decoracion

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Design and decoration

Creating a style, unique and personalized design based on the dream idea and tastes of the bride and groom, adapting to their needs, is our PASSION.

You will have  a visual guide to the different environments of the ceremony and reception, floral design, decoration (environmental design), creation of the color palette according to the style of the bride and groom, choice of furniture, pieces and decorative moments of the event, supplier protocol. 


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Wedding Consultant

You just got engaged and you don't know where to start, our consulting and advisory services are special for you.


After meeting them and knowing what they want for their big day, we advise and guide them on the steps to follow for planning and coordinating their wedding. We will give you the necessary guidelines and tools to carry out your dream event.


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Coordination  of the day

You are a very organized bride and you have the ability to coordinate and plan with suppliers and you want to live the EXPERIENCE from day zero to your wedding day.


The GREAT DAY you dreamed of so much has arrived, but you need professional experts to coordinate all the contracted services, you want to relax on your special day. Let us take care of everything, we will be accompanying you in the production and execution of the event. Our mission is to coordinate and supervise all the suppliers that have been contracted and manage them during the execution of the contract.

We make sure that everything happens as you planned and dreamed.

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