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Our history 

It all started as a hobby, helping our friends and brothers from the church to carry out their dream wedding, but God had another perfect plan for us, he united us as sisters, friends and now we are partners of what is our PASSION , telling the history of those whom God in his eternal love has united in marriage.

Today we give thanks to the Eternal God for these years of experience that fill us with joy and drive, to continue growing and reaching the hearts of our beloved customers.

Andrea Rozon & Audrys de la Rosa

Andrea Rozon 


Co-Founder and Creative Director

My passions, God, coffee and weddings…

I confess something, I am not manual labor at all, I am CREATIVE, I can see a decorative piece or a place and imagine and create scenarios according to the style and tastes of the bride and groom. but I don't even draw the map of my country... Oops, I said it...

For eleven years I was directing the events and promotions department in an advertising agency, so coordinating and planning was my passion. One of the things that I loved was seeing the entire creative process of an event, from the "brainstorming" meetings, seeing the designs, the coordination with the suppliers, the selection of the personnel, but much more was seeing the final result and the satisfaction of each one of our brands/customers.  

I am finishing my degree in Marketing at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo, upon entering the Wedding Industry, I trained in the area of planning and protocol, floral design, digital marketing and event design.
My passion for weddings was born when one of my cousins got engaged to her lover in 2014, so a group of women from our church got together to coordinate and plan it, and from that day on I loved the whole process of having a wedding. .

I love getting involved and CONNECTING WITH THE EMOTIONS of couples in order to get to know them better and be able to transmit their style in every detail.  

One of the moments that I love and enjoy the most in weddings is the ceremony, seeing the expression of the groom when he sees his beloved parade to reach him, for me IT IS PRICELESS...


Audrys de la Rosa



I swear that this is in my genes, creativity and dexterity with my hands are in my DNA, that's why since I was little I was very interested in painting and doing all kinds of manual labor, that's why I decide within so many careers, Studying Fashion Design at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo, I was in my waters between colors, textures and silhouettes.

I love art and everything related to it.  

And the question is…

How do I get into the wonderful world of weddings?

This is my story. My friends and acquaintances approached me to help them in some way or another with some decoration or manual work for a baby shower, birthday or business event and I was happy with such requests. This was increasing especially in my church, where several weddings would take place; I was always willing to collaborate and from then on, my passion grew more and more until I decided to prepare myself academically in the areas of planning and protocol, event design and floral design.  

I enjoy every stage, from meeting and sharing with our bride and groom, the planning, the decorative proposal, creating the floral recipes; I don't have a favorite, I LOVE THE WHOLE PROCESS!!

Always willing, collaborative and focused on providing a quality service, because the most important thing is the love for our bride and groom, being present in their history and leaving traces with details that they will love forever. 

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